...and They Rocked | Whitesnake The Album 1987

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How friggen intense is "Still of the Night?" 1987 was an awesome year for Hard Rock. Sure, Whitesnake had been around for a while but now we were getting videos...videos with a pre-crazy chick Tawney Kittane. She is remembered best for dancing on David Coverdale's car in the Here I Go Again (then marrying him). She was there in the first video though (and some RATT before that) In the Still of the Night. I remember thinking, "Hey...that's the chick from Bachelor Party!"

This was really one of the first "super bands" of the hair band era. John Sykes played guitar for it but by the time it was time to do the video's and tour, Adrian Vandenberg (Vandenberg)and Vivian Campbell (DIO, now in Def Leppard)were on guitar and the rhythm section was made up of Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot/ OZZY) and Tommy Aldridge (Ozzy as well).

I first caught them live opening for Motley Crue. Up to that point I think it was the best opening act I had ever seen. They were a must see by the time they came back another round, this time headlining with Great White opening for them. I remember the encore from that show being a cover of ZZ Top's "Tush" while that clever Dave changed it to "Tits" and us teenagers seen more breasts at once in the same room than we ever had up until that point. That was the 17th birthday of my late friend Jason who's birthday was that night and they were his two favorite bands at the time.

Still of the Night

Still of the Night (Live MTV Music Awards 1987)

I'm throwing this one because I remember this. The first time I stole cable. We dug it up and hooked up so I could record this. The quality isn't very good at all but there are some memories with it.

They Rocked...Jackyl | I Stand Alone

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This is pretty cool. KMart refuses to sell a Jackyl album...so they pull a flatbed trailer in front of a store and set up for an impromptu show until the cops run them off. On top of that, "I Stand Alone" rocks anyway.

I Stand Alone

Def Leppard | Pyromania

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Def Leppard's Pyromania is easily one of the greatest hard rock albums of all time. The opening chord of Photograph. and the chant to Rock of Ages instantly take me back to the early 80's.

This is a time (1983) when I was at the age where I'm going to be choosing "my" music. What is there? Michael Jackson, Prince, name here, name here.

The video's from this album turned many an American boy into a British flag on the shirt wearing rocker.






The long haired kid in the small Iowa town. "I dove into the 80’s Hard Rock head first…literally. In 8th grade I started letting my hair grow. I’ll be honest, the intentions were for a rat tail. Remember those? One strip of long hair hanging off the back as the rest was short? Yes, the rat tail was going to be my first rebellion tool against my mother. Then I realized it could be so much more. It was 1984..." The rest of the story...